The eruption of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull in spring 2010 paralyzes almost all European air traffic for several weeks - although it is unclear how harmful the ash is. Pilots are requested to detect and avoid ash clouds visually. VC generally rejects such flights according to visual flight rules and puts safety for pilots and passengers first.

With an office in Berlin, VC is seeking proximity to politics from 2012 on, so that its positions can be incorporated earlier into the legislative process. According to VC, internationalization and high cost pressure should not impair employee rights and security.

Following the crash of Germanwings in the French Alps in 2015, pilots are no longer allowed to be alone on the flight deck. VC criticizes this regulation and successfully points out additional safety risks; the rule will be abolished again in 2017.

Through campaigns and actions, VC is committed to fair competition and good working conditions, especially for low-cost carriers. VC also takes a clear stance on safety-related issues such as flight time regulations, contaminated cabin air and dangers from drones as well as cyber-attacks.

By 2019, the year of its 50th anniversary, VC has grown into a strong association: As the "voice of the pilots", it is committed to maintaining appropriate working conditions and minimizing safety risks for pilots and passengers. As a recognized professional association, VC contributes its expertise to national and international committees.