The new millennium begins with conflict for the independent trade union VC: In May 2000 the longest industrial dispute in the history of Lufthansa begins. Many passengers are affected, the atmosphere within the public and the media is heated. The dispute ends in June 2001 with a compromise.

Three months later, the terrorist attacks of 11 September, causes worldwide consternation. The airlines groan under the economic consequences, many airlines make millions in losses during this time. Politicians and authorities are increasing security measures at airports and inside aircraft. VC critically accompanies the process with its expertise. The pilots' association particularly rejects the Aviation Security Act of 2004, which is intended to allow hijacked aircraft to be shot down under certain conditions. In February 2006, the Federal Constitutional Court ruled in favor of the complainants and essentially follows VC's view.

In the first decade of the new millennium, low-cost carriers are booming, favored by further deregulation in the EU, and are putting the entire industry under pressure. VC is committed to good working conditions for pilots. In addition, VC is particularly involved in professional policy issues such as flight time regulations, radiation protection and fatigue. In 2009, the anniversary year, VC is moving into its new location in the vicinity of Frankfurt Airport and becomes more accessible for its members.