In November 1968, six pilots and flight engineers set up the "Cockpit Action Group" in Montreal, Canada. As many of their international colleagues, they finally want to organize themselves and help shape their working conditions. On March 11, 1969, the plans become a firm union: "Vereinigung Cockpit" (VC) is founded in Oberursel, near Frankfurt am Main, with 285 members. They see themselves as "uncomfortable admonishers" whose job it is to single out safety deficiencies in commercial aviation and to work on solutions.

Until 1972, VC works with the Public Service, Transport and Traffic Union (ÖTV), of which many pilots are a member of. At the end of 1973, VC signs an agreement with the German Employees' Union (DAG).

From the beginning, VC's goal is to make commercial aviation safer for pilots and passengers. In 1976 it introduces an incident reporting system for critical incidents.